Here’s what some of our clients had to say about us:

“Your coordination on this very complex mechanical system helped the installation process with minimal conflict. HighTec HVAC responded to the challenges that arose during the construction and worked toward satisfactory resolution. ” – Matt Edison, Gelest Inc.

“The attention HighTec HVAC gave to the project, both at the office and in the field, made the project a success for a valued client of ours. The project was completed on time and we were able to save money from the value engineering supplied by HighTec HVAC.” – Robert C McClure, VP of Construction, A&E Construction, Inc.

“This project was extremely difficult and only people who cared, could have performed this work in such a short amount of time. You knew the time frame in which the project needed to be completed and not once did I hear from you that it could not be done. I equally appreciate the cost saving ideas which you put forth. This saved our client a very large sum of money.” – Joseph V. D’Ascenzo, Jr. J.V. D’Ascenzo Construction Company Inc.

“Your response to an emergency situation was above and beyond the call of duty, especially your offer to help in case the water pipes broke due to extremely cold temperature at the time. You responded in a friendly, courteous, sympathetic and knowledgeable manner and your mechanic solved the problem in a most professional and timely fashion. He was excellent! I can honestly say that in all my years with Adath Jeshurun, I have never been granted such superior service from an outside contractor.” – Dennis B Hyams, Building Supervisor, Adath Jeshurun

” From schematic design through project closeout, this was truly a team effort with every member of the team making their full contribution of professional expertise and hard work.” – Christopher J Modica, Project Manager, Cutler Associates

“There was a great deal of concern on our part about the work being done in our old and historic sanctuary. In fact, 8 out of 10 contractors we invited to bid on the project back out after the initial walk-through because they did not think it was even possible given the age and structure of our building. HighTec HVAC surpassed our expectations when they not only bid on the original project, but assisted us in reworking some of the design to better accommodate the system, as well as the architectural integrity of the building.” – The Congregation of the Doylestown Presbyterian Church