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HIGHTEC HVAC was founded 30 years ago in 1994 and has since established itself as a premier heating and air conditioning contractor specializing in commercial projects. With over 50 years of high-quality services and experience, we hold knowledge and expertise in value engineering, design-build indoor environmental solutions, DDC controls, indoor air quality and a remarkable service department.

“Good project management solves problems, great management avoids problems.”

Along with our team’s specialties in the HVAC field, each project has a dedicated project manager to make sure that each detail and aspect of your project meets or exceeds your standards, from conception to completion.

At HIGHTEC you will receive:

Our staff believes that a hard day’s work is an honest day’s work. Honesty is our top priority, because it allows us to establish a long term relationship between the customer, the technician, and our growing staff.

Knowledgeable Support & Personalized Service
We have over 100 years of knowledgeable team support which has proven to be effective in this industry due to the increased demands in knowledge of controls and equipment. Our staff is comprised of friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and caring people who are there to eliminate your problems with equipment failures.

Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art vehicles to ensure you 24/7 full service for all of your commercial, industrial heating and air conditioning needs. From routine preventative maintenance to the installation of service, repair and follow-up parts, HIGHTEC is there on time as scheduled.

Real Time Online Service Updates & Communication
We were one of the first in the industry to equip our technicians with phone apps which give instant exchange of information between dispatch and more importantly, our valued clients. In addition to email notifications of quotes or your work orders, you will receive field work orders from our techs as work progresses.

Expedited Procurement
Through our database of 2,400 plus vendors and our Fast-Track scheduling system, we are capable of electronically ordering and delivering parts to the job site in order to expedite the repair process. We prepare a computerized dispatch schedule to ensure that preferred customers have priority over non-preferred.

Call Back Ratio
At HIGHTEC HVAC our call back ratio is minimized. Why? Because our technicians are constantly updated with HIGHTEC Training and Industry Seminars not only on control and diagnostics but customer relations and


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