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2023 is going to be an exciting year!!!

HIGHTEC HVAC is proud to be part of the ABC and looks forward to entering a project for Best Specialty Mechanical of 2023! 

2022 ?!?!?!

HighTec did not submit for Best Specialty Mechanical in 2022 - Why?
Just blame it on Cris - there was just not enough time - we were too busy -
bad answer - but it was the truth!

We are happy to say that we were involved with two of the ABC award winning projects!


HIGHTEC HVAC receives the ABC Eagle Award
for the 4th year in a row for Best Specialty Mechanical

31st ABC Eagle Awards
Excellence Construction Award

This award again recognizes our commitment and investment in state-of-the-art VRF HVAC systems.

Eastern PA Winner Seal_Excellence.png
ED&JOE AWARD_edited.jpg

The Pickering Manor Addition and Renovation project involved several HVAC phases to Pickering Manor’s personal care and rehabilitation suite addition, as well as, renovations to the occupied skilled unit and memory care suites.  The original project called for a new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) for the new building and 2 stages of renovations to the existing buildings' mechanical system.  

In conjunction with Wohlsen Construction (GC) and Pickering Manor (Owner), HighTec HVAC was instrumental in providing recommendations, budgets, and conceptual design to upgrade the existing building to an updated VRF energy recovery and DOAS system. This would give all residents the same state-of-the-art and individually temperature-controlled HVAC systems in addition to purified and regulated outdoor air.


The existing HVAC system utilized both hot water radiation heat with large rooftop cooling units. The existing temperature control was inefficiently maintained by utilizing the hot water radiation to compensate for over cooling of the spaces, wasting energy, and poor temperature control.  The new centrally controlled energy recovery VRF system now maintains precise temperature in each residence room and recovers lost energy from other areas that may be in the heating mode. A testament to this energy-savings can be seen in the roof top condensing units only utilizing 40% of their capacity on design days.


Due to the sloping precast concrete roof, HighTec’s team of highly trained installation technicians, met the challenge by efficiently weaving the new VRF and dedicated outdoor air system within the confines of the existing structure and utilities.  In addition, HighTec met the job schedule while working through a global pandemic.

We are proud to have been part of this independent living project and are pleased to know that our work will continuously provide a safe and comfortable environment for the staff and residents for decades to come.

Residence Chaddsford


HIGHTEC HVAC receives the ABC Eagle Award for the 3rd year in a row for Excellence In Mechanical Construction. 

Residence at Chadds Ford.jpg
steel 2.PNG

There were over 100 penetrations thru the steel.


I  would like to thank you for this prestigious award. Also a special thanks to the judges and members who volunteer their time to make this special event possible each year.

It is an honor to be associated with the other high quality general contractors and subcontractors who have advanced the ABC over the last decades to a level unimaginable a few decades ago.

The importance of the HIGHTEC HVAC team approach can be seen in this project which started very early with the 3D BIM drawings identifying and overcoming major obstacles necessary to a successful project.

The efforts of our team are apparent in this award from estimating, project management, installation and service.  Each group supporting the next to reach the finish line successfully.

I could not be more proud of our team and to accept this award for all of them.

Primary - Residence at Chadds Ford

The Residence at Chadds Ford consisted of a state of the art Mitsubishi VRF heating and cooling system. Fresh air is provided by an energy recovery dedicated outdoor air system installed on the roof. This unit provides fresh air to both resident and common spaces as well as exhaust. The energy recovery wheel captures 75% of the exhaust energy and transfers it to the supply air saving substantial operating cost to the owner. A centralized control system, is the building manager and service personnel control of each unit from one central point. 

The HVAC drawings were performed utilizing BIM by HIGHTEC HVAC. The benefit of this approach was shown during the 1st submission as steel beams prevented ductwork to be installed above the ceiling. The BIM drawings also indicated that the main steel beams where actually below the ceiling preventing any ductwork from going through the corridor. Over the next few months, online collaboration meetings were held with the general contractor and design professionals to facilitate these challenges. The BIM drawings were invaluable helping visualize the problem areas. The final solution required rooftop equipment and shafts to be moved. Kitchen hoods also had to be reconfigured as well as the kitchen hood ductwork were moved. And finally, over 75 holes had to be cut through steel beams and fireproofed to allow ductwork and other pipes to be routed above the ceiling. 

The systems were successfully installed and started up providing individual heating and cooling to all of the residence for many years to come in this beautiful senior living facility. 

HIGHTEC HVAC is presently maintaining the equipment to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation.


11/10/20 - Amy Aldred, Director of Events from the ABC presents the Eagle Award of Excellence to

Edward DeAngelis, President  of HighTec HVAC (holding the Eagle) and Joseph Dial, Vice President

st Joseph Chapel


2019 - ABC Excellence Award.png

HIGHTEC HVAC receives the ABC Eagle Award for the 2nd year in a row for Excellence In Mechanical Construction. 

Norristown, PA., November 7 - The project recognized  was the Sisters of St. Joseph Chapel at Chestnut Hill College. 

"Thank you again to the Associated Building Contractors and the Award of Excellence judges for recognizing the exceptional work at the St. Josephs Chapel HVAC project. It was truly a team effort to complete this job while preserving the beauty and history of the chapel. From the day of project award, I knew this would be a challenging project and would require outside the box solutions to very complicated challenges. Each hurdle was masterfully addressed by project management and ultimately completed by the field crews in a timely and professional manner. This is only the 2nd time in my 40+ year career where HVAC equipment had to be broken down off-site to its smallest components and reassembled on-site in order to be installed in extremely tight  attic spaces. The sisters of St. Joseph congregation can now enjoy cooling in the summer along with warmer temperatures in the winter and will for many years to come."      - Edward DeAngelis

The Eagle 

Has Landed Again!


Joseph J. Dial, Exectutive VP and Edward DeAngelis, President accepting the Eagle Award.

Primary St Josephs Chapel - 1A (Chapel).
St Josephs Chapel - 3 (Basement Piping).

The St. Josephs Chapel HVAC system involved the installation of a new air conditioning system and revisions of the antiquated heating system of an existing early 19th century church and auditorium. The major challenge to this project was incorporating the HVAC system into tight quarters and limited spaces without harming the beautiful architecture.

A new DDC system was installed to control both heating and cooling in the Chapel and Auditorium connecting to the existing campus system.


For the first time the sisters of St. Joseph and the congregants are enjoying services in the church and events in the auditorium.


"We are very grateful to HighTec for the amazing work accomplished with our chapel and auditorium; nothing impedes the look and architecture of the chapel and one would never know we have air conditioning."

Kathleen Letts, SSJ, Mount St. Joseph Convent

Pictured from left: Maureen G. Erdlen SSJ, Kathleen Letts SSJ, Ken Carlin, Service Manager, HIGHTEC HVAC, and Marie O’Brien SSJ

Primary St Josephs Chapel - 1A (Chapel).
St Josephs Chapel - 3 (Basement Piping).
St Josephs Chapel - 2 (AHU-1 Duct & Pipi
St Josephs Chapel - 4 (Basement Piping).
St Josephs Chapel - 5 (AC Linear Side Wa
St Josephs Chapel - 6 (AHU-1 Duct & Pipi
St Josephs Chapel - 8 (Baseboard Heat)
St Josephs Chapel - 9 (Rear of Chapel)
St Josephs Chapel - 7 (Baseboard Heat -2
St Josephs Chapel - 10 (Original Chapel)


2018 Eastern PA Winner Seals-02.png

HIGHTEC HVAC receives the ABC Eagle Award for
Excellence In Mechanical Construction.
Roebling Lofts 


“It’s an honor to be recognized by ABC for our team’s commitment and dedication on this VRF State of the Art Building Project,” said Ed DeAngelis, President. “These awards are a reflection of the innovative work provided by the HighTec team, from concept and budgeting, delivery of a timely quality project and service after completion.”

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