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24 Hr Service to our Customers

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

At HighTec Hvac, our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied. With maintenance agreements, you'll feel confident everyday no matter what the weather that you will be working/living in a comfortable environment. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for you.

Common Questions

How is HighTec HVAC different from its competitors?

HighTec is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers in order to keep your facility comfortable while at the same time not draining your wallet.  Celebrating 29 years while we are constantly staying ahead with the latest technological efficient systems.

Do you provide emergency service?

YES!  We have 24/7 emergency service to help our customers who have maintenance agreements.  Contact Ken Carlin to find out how you can get the best maintenance that fits your needs.

Do you have different service/maintenance contracts available?

You pick what will fit best with the age of your equipment.  We can offer inspection, labor and both parts and labor contracts what will work best for you.

Should we repair or replace our units?

Great Question!  Fill out the form below and schedule an appointment for us to come out to your site and evaluate the situation.

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